Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mordo Avrahmov "The Kibbutz Photographer"

From 1947 Mordo was one of the few photographers in Israel whose work focused exclusively on documenting the life of the kibbutzim which he continued to do without interruption until his late eighties ( he is almost 92 years old now). His dedication to the craft of photography and his sensitivities earned him the reputation of being "The Kibbutz Photographer" until the early Seventies. In particular representing the Kibbutz Haarzi movement and being a photojournalist for its publications of "This Week in the Kibbutz Haarzi" and later in the Hotam weekly magazine of the Al Hamishmar daily newspaper. In this period he organized the organization of the Kibbutz Haartzi Photographer as well as participating in all photographic exhibitions and book that presented kibbutz life. One of his most successful photographs, "A girl in a Kibbutz 1956" was shown in the Israel Now exhibition in the Jewish Museum New York and now it is in the collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.  
 Mordo Exhibit in Tel Aviv Early Sixties